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    Profile / History

    BMI’s path to success began in 1989. During this early stage, the company was supported by just 100 employees with an annual production capacity of 500 metric tons. However, this situation did not last long. The management in this era progressively put into place a strategic marketing campaign that resulted in a dramatically increased product demand.

    As a consequence, in 1992, the company experienced significant improvements. The number of employees grew five times larger to 500 people with an annual production capacity of 1,200 metric tons. Within the same year, BMI had opened its second factory in Dampit, Malang.

    And the progress continued. In 2007 BMI established a shrimp farming area in Tulungagung, 154 kilometers southwest of Surabaya. This farm is privately operated by BMI with a focus on fulfilling raw material needs and to provide customers with reliable product availability.

    Also in the same year, BMI’s new Surabaya plant was founded. This establishment not only complemented advancement within the company, but also to comply with higher demand from high-class retailer and restaurant chain. This expansion not only constitutes a great advancement for the company in itself, but also allows us to meet demand from top-end retailers and restaurant chains. Today, BMI has grown to be a trusted partner for both international and local customers and continues to be international icon for quality seafood products.

Award & Certificate
    BMI commitment toward quality excellence is reflected through its acquired international certification...